Tuesday, August 02, 2011

just for fun

click on the 'water' to feed the turtles!
these three little guys will also follow your mouse around their swim area.

feed the fish by clicking on the 'water'.
they too will 'follow your mouse' in their tank.



from the website:
"Here is your number one companion – cute, talented and loyal.  He can sit, lie down and roll over.  Try giving him a pet and watch how he responds.  Keep your dog entertained by playing ball or giving him a bone.  Reward him by giving him a treat.  To get him to sit, double-click your mouse on the ground close to him.  Double-click again to get him to lie down.  Then hold your mouse button down and make a circular motion to tell him to roll over."

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Lauren said...

those are super cool!

baffle said...

during your next idle (ha ha ha) moment:

try feeding each of the turtles in their own corners - easy, but challenging too. tougher to do with the fish, because they move a lot faster. and there are more of them than the number of corners...

go wild with Newton's pendulum, by lifting 9 out of the 10 balls at a time to really start things swingin'!

did you notice, in petting the dog, that it blissfully closes its eyes? awwwwww.

OK now - get back to work!

baffle said...

i just discovered that you can also click on any turtle and drag it around. whooooooohooooooooo!

Liz said...

Just read through your blog and saw this, how cool. It doesn't take much to entertain me, LOL!!! Thanks for sharing...