Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hey Vic-Tor!

Fry bread to the movie 'Smoke Signals' - is what Jai (aka Buddha's Delight) is to Chinese New Year.
Very very important.

As is Nien Gow - Chinese New Year (sweet glutinous rice) 'cake'. Make no mistake - this is not your mama's angel food cake!

Jai is a complicated dish to cook, requiring 18 (more or less?) ingredients. My Dad made the best Jai - so delicious, so packed full of good stuff. No skimpin' on the best things to put in (though I never did appreciate the gingko nuts). Dad took a lot of pride in his Chinese New Year Jai, and friends/family would come from far and wide to have a taste.

Nien Gow isn't quite as difficult to prepare - fewer ingredients, though there are many steps to the process. However, there isn't any Peen Tong to be had round these parts. My Aunt Virge always made the best Nien Gow.

I've got to try my hand at both: this year or next (depending on where and when I can obtain the authentic foodstuffs).

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Anonymous said...

smoke signals....great flick. i think we already discussed that some time ago.

picture almost looks like fried zeppoli, sans powdered sugar.

anything fried, in my book, is so so so so good. i've never had any of these foods.....
these are things not on the menu at our local chinese takeout and restaurants.