Sunday, February 18, 2007

roving roving roving

keep them doggies roving...

Yesterday, I dropped by the yarn shop for felting needles and wool roving. While it was fun choosing the colors, there is still part of me that is a bit hesitant to begin needle felting - am I ready to add yet another crafty technique into my repertoire of...The-Not-Quite-Mastered-and-Probably-Will-Never-Quite

Having already committed to the acquisition of felting supplies - I am - foiled again.
Have supplies = must to craft!

Truthfully, I'm eager to start needle felting (being mindful not to poke myself with the dangerously barbed needles). As with all artsy crafty techniques I endeavor, doing it is accompanied by a hope that this too can one day be incorporated into mixed media artworks...of a larger and grander scale....

Mebbe not.

It's-A-Good-Life-Dilemma #5,823:
What project to begin needle felting on? 2-D? 3-D? Something sculptural? Flat? Floral? Pictorial? Useful/practical? Purely aesthetic? Representational? Abstract? Whimsical?

Or just plain cute?


jessierose said...

I want to eat that roving. But I'm sure it tastes nothing like cotton candy.

baffle said...

cotton - maybe.
but candy - non.
No eating this stuff. It'll stick in your throat and cause a major gagging reflex. Not pretty!

I just double checked the how-to on the just plain cute project, and found that it doesn't use the dangerously barbed felting needle. Now, what kind of fun is that?