Saturday, February 10, 2007


T'was a blessed day, T'was a cursed day - when I discovered the RPT button on my car stereo.
I'm the Queen of RPT, or at least a Princess (yeah, I wish). I'm a big fan of creating an endless loop of my fave song from a music CD.

I usually drive with no passengers in the car, so feel at liberty to repeat a song for the
entire length of a drive...whether it's a short 10 minutes to the store or over an hour each way to visit DDJrS.

Volume: cranked (I always crack open a back window to stay aware of traffic sounds as well).
Bass: at a balanced setting to the treble (puh-leese, no car-rattling head splitting booming bass for me).

Enjoying tunes in one's car can certainly be mesmerizing - hopefully, not enough to distract from safe driving.
It is a tad more risky than focusing 100% on the driving.
It is a tad less risky than talking on one's cell, eating a sandwich or applying make-up whilst driving...

Kottke's cover of 'Corrina Corrina' has been my RPT choice for the last two weeks.
[Regretfully, I had a link to a 30 second sampling of the song, then lost it. Been running the search again for the last hour, and still can't seem to relocate it. You'll just have to get hold of a copy of the tune for a listen.]

Best line in the song: 'I walk the world on the bottom of the sea - 'cause I can't breathe when she talks to me'. Hang there for a fraction of a sec on the word 'breathe'. Oh my.

Kottke's baritone hints of the low vocal grumblings of Garrison Keillor. Kottke likens his own singing to 'geese farts on a muggy day'.

I had to view numerous online photos of Kottke to erase the image of Keillor that kept coming to mind when listening to 'Corrina, Corrina'.
Suffice it to say that Kottke has a decidedly less...strongly featured... face...than Keillor.

Before 'Corrina, Corrina', I RPT'd selected cuts from the 'Dances With Wolves' soundtrack, listening to those for close to two weeks (!). Mental imagery of big sky, softly rolling prairieland, people living in harmony with the land, and of course - tatonka. (I try not to picture the Union soldiers).

A 2-week RPT is a considerably long run, even for me. It would drive anyone else ca-ray-zee, which is why I only RPT when I'm alone.
That way, I avoid getting committed...

I also RPT out of anyone else's earshot when I'm painting. Music RPTs can go on for hours on end when taking brush to canvas. RPTs help me to get/stay 'in the zone'.

Find yourself a copy of 'Corrina, Corrina' by Leo Kottke.

Listen to it on a good music system.

Crank the volume.

RPT the song = have a good time.

P.S. Bonus clip


Anonymous said...

i'm glad that i'm not alone. i recently found out what the rpt on my car cd player is! i've had the car almost 5 years? who knows what other functions my cd player or car for that matter, has/does, that i'm unaware of? maybe another button lets my car fly? sail over the ocean waves?
anyway, james blunt -your beautiful-has played umpteenth times in a row (yeah i know lots of people hate the song...but i'm not one of them...i can so relate it to a past love) and shakira's -la many times in a row i am almost 'fluido en espaƱol'.

ps: i really liked the clip of leo kottkes' guitar playing. will look further him.

baffle said...

It's been a week since I posted 'rpt' and guess what - I'm STILL listening to Corrina Corrina and Dances With Wolves on RPT.

I'm getting worried...

Time to switch out cds in my car.
D'ya think I can do it?


D - I like that you are so