Wednesday, February 28, 2007

everybody dance now!

I exercise at Curves for Women.
I exercise there when I can get there, that is.

...which isn't as frequently as I resolve to...

A decent workout can be had at Curves, and the main value I see for going there is the strength-training. I do feel stronger after doing the Curves circuit with any regularity.

Therein lies the problem.
Going there and doing the workout - regularly.

Truth be known, I find exercising at 'the gym' a bit of a bore.
As well as a chore.
Having to make time to get to 'the place of exercise' three or four or five days out of a week is sometimes more than I can handle. To make matters worse, it's a 25 minute drive from my home to the nearest Curves.
Having to listen to the recorded music that is played there is sometimes close to intolerable. At the Curves franchise where I'm a card-carrying member, the music runs the gamut from Kinda Catchy to OK-Fine to Downright Cacky (I hate exercising to Christian Rock).

At home, I have a NordicTrack ski machine which is a great workout (again, if used regularly) - but exercising on that can get boring too.
Even with the TV on.

However and Hmmmmm....
What about Dancing as exercise?

Now that can be a fun way to move the ol' bod.
More so if the music is a tune that one can't help but move to.

I have the extended version (16.7 minutes on CD) of 'Gonna Make You Sweat/Everybody Dance Now' by C+C Music Factory. Been thinking about beginning a mini exercise regimen of dancing to that CD twice a day (when I'm around the homestead and not out of town). Dancing would certainly serve to work the muscles of this aging bod; and get some aerobics in, to boot.
As for the same song getting repetitive, well - you know me and RPT!
No problemo!

Tell ya what, I'm going to give it a go tomorrow.
No one's home and I'll be able to dance round the house all by my lonesome - with wild abandon - just like a Flaming Fool.
Perhaps I'll even make up some fancy dance steps to go with the song.
(Believe me, I won't be giving up Curves anytime too soon though)

Report to follow.


justducky said...

Yeah! Dancing! Roy Rogers Concert!
No. Christian rock.
Yeah! Soaring music at Grace Cathedral!
No. Too many greasy cookies before bed!

jessierose said...

Rumor has it that the woman singing that song is actually overweight and "unattractive", not the slender lady in the video.

baffle said...

Really? No way - bait n' switch, eh?