Friday, March 02, 2007

in lieu of dancing...

yesterday (as was my plan) -
I ate cookies.

They weren't even home baked-by-yours-truly cookies. They were store bought.

I enjoy cookies, and will occasionally go on a fave cookie binge. But not too often.
When it comes to cookies, my preference is for crispy. Those that crunch when you bite into them. Soft cookies always seem a bit 'uncooked' to me, and I'm not one to favor raw cookie dough.

However, late last night whilst shopping for even later last night dinner items - I impulsively grabbed a plastic container filled with soft fruit bar cookies. Once in the car, I set the container on the passenger seat - and ate three cookies on the 30 minute drive home. One every 10 minutes or so - how disciplined! I took little bites, savoring the spicy sugary molasses-y flavor, and the tasty bits of dried fruit. They...were...yummy.

Cardinal rule when grocery shopping: Never go when you're hungry.
I did. Had skipped dinner, gone off to a two and a half hour class (sans snacks to tide me over till the next meal), then experienced growly tummy and borderline no-food-shakes by the time class was over.

My intention was to run into the grocery store real quick-like, after class - to shop for meat, veggies, dried cranberries and a loaf of bread. I ended up with quite a few items unrelated to dinner or my (mental) grocery shopping list. Seaweed salad, two kinds of fruit preserves (they were on sale!), several other interesting things as well as the aforementioned soft fruit bar cookies. I had $20 ready to shop, pay and run - but my total for all the essentials + extras came closer to $60.

Eeeps! and Oh well!
There were few shoppers in the store so I could easily navigate my cart through the aisles, I had a good time admiring the food displays and enjoyed a pleasant drive home munching on cookies along the dark, curving forested road. And this morning - well, it was almost like Christmas. The fridge and cabinet full of surprise goodie foodstuffs.

I guess you could say I did do some fancy dancing after all - up and down the aisles of the grocery store?!?
Though no weight loss related exercise associated with the cookies...

Bonus: recipe for a variation of them there cookies.
The checkout cashier informed me that the fruit bar cookies were originally baked in one pan and cut-up into squares to sell. She said the store bakery had since changed the forming of the cookies to sliced, then baked - yielding slightly crisped edges on every piece.
She was pleased about that, and told me I would be too.
Then the bagger placed the box of cookies at the top of one of my bags, so I could get to it easier back at my car...

What service!


jessierose said...

Did you know that every time I eat with you I save the crispiest of whatever it is we're eating just for you?

baffle said...

Yes, actually I do know!
You are the sweetiest!
I heart you and as I heart crispy.