Saturday, March 17, 2007

float float on

Happy St. Paddy's Day.
Along with today's corned beef n' cabbage dinner, I sipped on a beer.

What I really wanted, though - was another kind of beer.
A root beer.
In a tall chilled glass - with ice cream.

Have glass, can chill.
Have the root beer.
No ice cream, though.
Too lazy tonight to get in the car and drive to the store to get some.

Perhaps having the drinkable dessert can wait till tomorrow, if the craving is still strong.
I can tell ya now, it will be....

Mmmmm. Mmmmmm.

How do you make a root beer float?
Scoop of ice cream into the glass first or pour in the root beer first, with a plop of ice cream to follow?

Huzzah! for combining both approaches.

[Though the A&W pictured above looks awfully yummy... with a generous swirl of soft serve ice cream over top of the root beer...]


Conn said...

Oh my god! that looks and sounds so good.
My mom and I went to the drive in rootbeer stand a few weeks ago in Indiana to get a float and a pork tenderloin sandwhich... but they were closed. SAD.
Hope you finally got one made.

just riding said...

Funny, I just had a craving last week. It was YUM!

I'm sad about A& more icy mugs or roller skates!

Bob In the Box said...

I do like my root beer floats WITH ice cream and even better with the blob of SOFT ice cream. Else, it would just be a mug of, not MUG'S root beer, but even better would be HIRES root beer from the barrel. IFC is even better.

Lauren said...

Yes, the combination approach is definitely worth trying! I love how your food cravings always inspire cravings in your readers. Now I won't rest until I've had me a root beer float!

baffle said...

Y'all ~
Can you believe that two days/ nights have passed since my craving for a root beer float - and I still haven't
had one?!?

It'll happen by week's end.
Because I'll have been thinking about it allllll week, I'm going to savor every last drop!

In a tall, chilled glass: a generous scoop and a half of good quality, icy cold vanilla ice cream on a base of, then chased with - very cold root beer.
Long-handled ice tea spoon for scooping, a straw for sipping.

I'm not too picky about the root beer, so long as it's bubbly and not a flat bland supermarket brand...

Maybe I'll use IBC - it IS quite good...