Monday, March 05, 2007

Got my fill...

of Chinese New Year lions.

I did. I think I really did. Can you believe it? Me - Never-Get-Enough-of-Chinese-New-Year-Lions-B.

There were oodles of jumping gyrating lions in the San Francisco CNY parade this past Saturday. Accompanied by the easily recognizable, traditional, steady beat of drums gongs and cymbals. Clang Clang Clang Clang.

Once again, I didn't choose to mingle and meld with the crowds at the annual CNY parade this year. It was an option, but really, the next time I attend, it'll have to be ringside with a seat in the stands or with primo vantage viewing on some family association's balcony.

Instead - I watched the festivities on TV and was happy for it.

Here at home in the woods, we don't get the KTVU Bay Area telecast or (are you kidding?!?) any kind of Cantonese TV reception. In order to participate in the holiday, HD and I drove to San Francisco and spent the weekend with family and friends. The weather was unbelievably perfect: sunny, warm and clear with little to no wind. In March! In San Francisco! Almost nevah hoppen! San Franciscans and tourists alike were quite ecstatic.

On Saturday we lunched with my oldest friend (since Kindergarten) who also happened to be in town visiting with relatives. The little hole-in-the-wall eatery Lynn chose was specifically for the Hung Tao Yee WonTon, but I was also lovin' the Hyde Street cable cars rolling by just a few feet from the open front door.

We followed the meal by walking down towards the North Beach/ Nob Hill/ Chinatown neighborhood where we grew up. Reminiscing about our old haunts, we also took in spectacular views from high on the hilltops: landmarks, skyscrapers and the cool blue bay. We even made our way to Grant Avenue and elbowed through throngs of enthusiastic revelers at the Annual Spring Street Fair.
Ah...friends, sights and sounds from then and now...

Back to the parade...watching it on TV often proves to be one of the 'best seats in the house'.
Seeing all those prancing dancing lions on the telly actually satisfied my fix as well as my fill for dancing lions this CNY season. Stating the obvious, televised lion dancing in no way compares to the major thrill n' chill of an in-person encounter. It also goes without saying that beggars can no be choicy!

Once again - I wish you all Gung Hay Fot Choy Happy New Year of the Pig.
I ate like one this weekend, so am off to a most auspicious beginning.


Lauren said...

I'm so glad you were able to celebrate Chinese New Year in SF! Lots of good food and visits to Chinatown. Did you eat your way through your entire pink box of goodies yet?

baffle said...


We ate the deep dish DTs and the grease balls as our dinner. Fell asleep soon after. HAGHAUSTED!

So wonderful to see you and spend time with you and D and everyone else we could SF-way!
Sunday delights too.