Friday, March 23, 2007

Proof positive

that I'm getting there.
Older, that is.

For more years than I care to admit, I've been experiencing those all-too-numerous moments of catching a casual glimpse of myself in the reflection of a window, or in a store/restaurant mirror. Mid-day, after the make up starts to wear off.
Sometimes, walking up to the glass door of a store, I can see myself full-length.
I shouldn't be, but I am taken aback. Each and every time.

There are those horrible slap-of-reality candid snapshots people insist on taking of me. OMG.

Every morning and evening I wash my face, and can feel my skin sucking in those moisturizering lotions/creams like nobody's business. It seems I can't moisturize near enough to stave off the dryness.

Preference by L'Oreal (color 4A) is a monthly ritual.

The reminders are many - that yes, I am really and truly, now - an older gal (still shy of the big 6-0, though).

A few days ago, I did something a much older gal would probably do, that I never thought I'd ever do.

(Stay with me now...)

I bought -
a candy dish.
On purpose.

Sure, I've put candy in small dishes during the holidays and such, but I've never gone out and purchased a serving container that is supposed to hold candy.

Older ladies buy/own candy dishes, right?
With little doubt, I've been an older-lady-in-denial.

Until day before yesterday - when I jumped right onto the older-lady-no-longer-in-denial-buggy, took a ride into town, browsed a little boutique and quite out of the blue - bought a candy dish.
A glass one, no less.
Shaped like a bunny.
In purple.

It's little and rather cute, as in.... it's a darling little glass bunny candy dish.
(Wow - who knew? They're all over the place!)

I spotted this one in a little shoppe that specialized in things for tea, and what moved me to buy it was that I really and truly meant for it to hold sugar cubes for tea. I adore teatime accoutrements (OK, so I've always been an older lady at heart because of the teatime thing).

Then I realized that yes indeed, this was a for real, bona fide candy dish.
I actually went out and bought one!
L'il ol' (and older) me!
Oh liberating days and nights!
I feel that I've finally come of age....

That settled.....

I'm really very EXCITED about my new candy dish!
I'm all-fired up INSPIRED to host an Afternoon Easter/Springtime is Here Tea! and to invite family/friends over to celebrate the day!

Oh yes - let's!
Savory deviled eggs! Those tiny yummy quiche from Costco! (do they still have 'em?) Cute mini sandwiches! Pretty little cupcakes! Cream of Carrot soup! Assorted pretty springtime cookies and little cakes!

Potluck, of course.
(Older gals have also been known to outgrow any former manic behavior of doing all the work themselves).

Fresh flowers and springtime decorations!
Pretty napkins.

Lots of tea.
China teacups and an assortment of lovely dishes to serve the food on, like:
a purple-glass-bunny-sugar-cubes-candy-dish.

Just so happens I've got one.

Fam and friends, consider this your official invite.
RSVP sooooooooon.


jessamynit said...

wow... and you don't even have grandkids yet! I don't think the granddoggies need a dish.
growing up in my family, any dish could be a candy dish.

justducky said...

Now B, my dear, I am surprised at the mirror image, too. When did that happen? John said life is what happens when you're busy doing other things. I guess that was when the gray began...due to allergies, I'm now on the "weave" program...a little red and blonde, but mostly gray!

Do you need an Elephant teapot, complete with a lid of a tiny elephant facing backwards on the saddle tea pot for the tea party?

One more thing...why is my brother almost 70? That makes NO SENSE whatever!!

jessierose said...

You do know that I have almost the same candy dish, don't you? Mine is hen.

Consider this my RSVP. What shall I bring? I don't thik ice cream sandwiches will travel well.

d said...

don't think that buying a bunny candy dish is a sign of being an old lady. first of all, it's a bunny. what's cuter? and from the picture, it looks lavender, very springy. spring is new. spring is fresh. spring is youth. now, if you said you bought some stuffy looking waterford crystal looking candy dish, you may have a point, but the bunny is apropos for this time of year.
now if you start wearing red hats and purple coats (or is it the other way 'round?) i may have to agree with you! ;)