Friday, May 25, 2007

multitasking for balance

Whilst 'at the computer' this morn, I ...
  1. ate breakfast
  2. listened to several podcasts
  3. bought a new music CD
  4. knitted on my second Moebius scarf (which I'm turning into a shawl-shrug thingy)
  5. planned ahead to create my ATCs this afternoon - and mail them out by the end of the weekend (promise!)
  6. thought about the book I'll be reading for next month's book club theme: Heritage
  7. composed and sent out a few friendly e-mails
  8. did some blogging!
I'm online for a fair amount of time each day. A bit in the morn, then once again in the late eve.
Mostly I'm planning, reorganizing, summarizing.
Few, if any - of the minutes/ hours is wasted time (even these links aren't complete time-wasters, cuz they're fun).

I spend most days ...
... relishing the sameness of routine.
... making plans to vary and break out of routine.
... reflecting on actions-past and looking towards actions-future.

The computer is a tool that helps me put these elements in order. From here I can get into the groove of some dynamic living.

Today finds me at relative leisure - with many hours to devote to art, craft, music, shopping, thinking, catching up on correspondence, reading and learning. It suits me to jump start my days with sitting at the computer - multitasking until it's time to get out of the chair, up and at 'em.

Tomorrow I'll be out and about again.
Exposed to, and coping with - the elements.

Just trying to keep life in balance.


rodegizmoagain said...

My reply to the replies on YouTube.

That movie changed thinking!
Just as memborable as yesterday.

Boring to 14 yr. olds?
You don't get it?
The world is moving too fast.
You are moving to fast, dear 14 yr. old!

Slow down.
It's not all about things and hurry and deadlines.
Look around!

baffle said...

How fitting that you commented on this movie. Many years ago, it was YOU who said to me that our lives seemed 'so Koyaanisqatsi'.