Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Navajo rugs on the hoof

You've all heard of hamburger-on-the-hoof *.
Well - here's a pic of some Navajo-rugs-on-the-hoof.
Them there's Churro sheep.

Do sheep baa or bleat or eh?

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park **.

There's something kinda creepy about this video.
Is it the music?
The romantic overtones of those waxing poetic about the beef cattle biz?
All that red meat lined up in the walk-in?
The sharp knives?
What creeped me out the most were those ever-so-appreciative BIG beef cattle ranchers. Talk about hefty heifers!
I sure wouldn't want to meet up with the lot of them in a dark alley...
or barn...

Not a Federal or State Park, but a Tribal Park.
Just one of the many things I learned last week on the SW road trip.


Conn said...

Did you take these photo's of the sheep and rocks? They are gorgeous!

baffle said...

as always, you are too kind and generous with your compliments.

yes indeedy i did take the photos.
with my brand new camera.

it's all 'geek' to me - and i'll be experimenting with technique, composition and what have ya.

if you're hankering for more - check out my new photo blog:

hopefully, improvements will be made with each passing week.


jessierose said...

After reading this all I can think is: yummmm, churro.

I guess I have a one track mind nowadays.

And that is a beautiful picture.

baffle said...

Too funny!
When I wrote that those were churro sheep, I immediately thought of you and how much you love to eat the sugared fried treat that is also called churro!