Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Year's Exercise Resolutions at the start of May

Last week I finally quit the exercise program that I've been doing for over 5 years.
Why? I just haven't been getting myself to 'the gym' on a regular basis.

As I've posted before, the workout at 'Curves' has lost its charm for me. Novelty wore off some time ago. It became a boring workout. I could barely tolerate some of the music.
In the last 6-9 months, I've only managed to get to 'Curves' twice a week, sometimes only once, other weeks I skip altogether. The only thing I end up exercising is the automatic checkbook debit of a monthly stipend towards the Gary Heavin (uh) cause (ahem).

So - no more 'Curving' for me.
It was a good run while it lasted.
C'est fini.

Without this program to lean on as a mental crutch and rationale ('It's OK if I eat another couple of helpings, I go to 'Curves' regularly and can work it off')(lies lies) - I confess to being a wee bit panicked now as to what I'll be doing or not doing as far as the 'e' word.
Fitting exercise into my day will be the biggest challenge.

I often resent taking time to exercise when I'd rather be painting
or cooking or chatting with friends.
If only I were better at multi-tasking.

Short of that, here's Plan B:
  1. HD is supposedly making a major purchase of a kayak in the not-too-distant, so we'll be sure to get out onto a placid, lovely, calm, uncrowded lake fairly regularly, as we do live in a forested lake, river, hiking, horseback and OHV riding, bicycling recreational area and so we'll be looking ahead to getting some good upper body workouts by paddling.
  2. I'm currently building a small library (ooooh, another library!) of about a half dozen exercise DVDs, which I am determined to USE.
The exercise library already contains:
  • A.M./ P.M. s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g tape
  • a Buns of Steel tape
  • a basic yoga DVD
  • an abs strengthening DVD
  • and I've got one of those jump rope stretchy band things with which I can do a modified version of the Curves resistance stretches here at home - to my own tunes!
I tried this one last week, and will soon add it to the mix.

Wish me luck and puh-leeese - don't ever drop by when I'm working out. You'd double over with laughter (though a hearty laff is probably very good for your abs).

My plan is to rotate these videos/DVDs for a new exercise regimen (promises promises), alternating with the occasional (better than never) hop on my Nordictrack and/or a 2 mile walk once or twice a week (uh-huh) and skimming the waterways in that aforementioned kayak.

I can already feel the weight coming off, the strength building, the hula hips effortlessly rolling clockwise, counterclockwise....

I sense pulling and pushing against the pressure of lake water against the kayak paddle...

My mind in the yoga zen zone....

The stash of cookies in the kitchen cupboard softly calling out to me...

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