Monday, May 14, 2007

Red Rocks Rock

Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation.
A pictorial metaphor of the Diné.
The awe-inspiring magnificence of this place bespeaks the history of a People.

Listen closely and you can hear resounding throughout the expanse of space - haunting echoes of Manifest Destiny *.
A rally for westward expansion that fast became a war cry which ultimately silenced thousands:

Dotted across the vast landscape are stately red rock formations that stand as quiet, enduring sentinels to:

In spite of, perhaps because of, their beauty ...
these monuments serve as a bittersweet reminder.

I'm overwhelmed by how much this region offers for a deeper understanding of the whowhatwhenwherewhy - not only of the settling of the West, but of the overall history/philosophy of this country.

A wealth of information indeed.
I shall return here for more.

Do future generations really have any chance to be taught (and come to accept) a more accurate history of America?
Or will they continue to be brainwashed into the same belief system :
- that has justified the subjugation of and/or atrocious actions towards existing cultures lifestyles and peoples.
- that has been used for exploitation of and profiting from same.
- that is still cited as the basic premise for a 'holier than thou' rationale.

The very same message some believe has positioned this country globally?

* OMG - John L. O' Sullivan: King of Rhetoric?!?!? Totally Clueless?!?!? Wearer of the Ultimate Rose-Coloured Spectacles!?!? Unknowing Prophet of How History Repeats Itself?!?!?

The red rocks rock.
They are quiet and observant yet they have much to say.
We have ears for hearing. We are capable of listening.
If one is quiet and attentive - therein lies an opportunity to learn.

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