Friday, February 29, 2008

(a) very good year (s)

Right up front - credit where credit is due...
to my DollinkBroS-O, for sending along info (thank you) on...
Hawaiian uke enthusiast, keonepax...
who posts a series of 'Oldies but Goodies' audio/visuals on YouTube.
keonepax began with this #1 compilation, then went crazy. I believe he's up to twenty-some odd videos, and still going strong.

For those of us who stroll Memory Lane (maybe too) frequently, these musical posts are a delight to listen to.

Out of the many pop/rock/folk musical compilation videos offered by keonepax, I decided to post (the one above) from 1963.

Historically, so much happened in this country in 1963.
A decade of phenomenal societal and political changes.

Musically, art does reflect life.

Do check out the Classic Oldie but Goodie video series by keonepax. The album covers alone are worth seeing!
They're like a mini history lesson via pop music.

BTW, I was 12 years old in 1963.
My oldie but goodie grey matter has retained 90% of these songs and/or lyrics.

A fact that rather pleases me, I think...

Link: keonepax: be sure to check out his cute home-made-y uke videos too!
Also this.
We're all having too much fun!

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