Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Random thought the other day
whilst driving down the rainy wet slippery road, heading off for work/running errands:

Rain was spitting down something awful, but in the car, I remained warm and dry. Umbrella in the back seat, ready to use once at my destination and I might be in need of some protective cover to run from a (very convenient) parking spot into whatever store(s).

Growing up in the Big City in the 1950's - 60's, we all got where we needed to go by foot and/or public transport. Forever exposed to the elements in our forays to and fro.

In those days, it seemed to rain quite a lot during the winter, so proper rain gear was de rigueur.
Us kids had yellow raincoats with hoods, and cool kid galoshes.

Ladies like Mom wore knee length raincoats, and just about every woman in the city (at some time or another) might have donned a pleated plastic rain bonnet (sorry, could not find a decent pic online) and 'clear' rubber galoshes before braving foul, rainy weather.

Even as a kid, I thought those pleated plastic rain bonnets were so cleverly designed, albeit kinda ugly. Like wearing a plastic produce bag on your head, only then - plastic bags were not so common/not available (can you believe?!?)(were things actually so much greener then?)...
Anyway, back to the rain bonnets - I even wore one on occasion, just so I could be like Mom.

The pleated plastic rain bonnets were certainly not a positive fashion statement, as they didn't look good on anyone. But it did keep rain off one's head. After coming in from the wet weather, you merely had to shake off the water by giving the hat a quick snap. With that flick of the wrist, it easily refolded along the accordion pleats and with another easy fold, it returned to a neat little size for storage in purse or pocket.
Pretty cool.

The rubber galoshes were worn right over shoes, preventing footwear from getting soggy on wet city streets and stepping into those inevitable rain puddles. Again, funky plasticky looking galoshes for women that were terribly unattractive, but boy were they practical.

Why oh why do I find myself missing these atrocious wet weather unfashionables?

P.S. While looking for images of raindrops, I came across these. Aren't they pretty though?

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justducky said...

ah, yes, I remember the cheerful yellow rain coat!