Sunday, March 09, 2008

december 31 redux

If this image looks familiar, it's because you saw it last year, on the December 31 2007 post about the package of mochi with a possible $500 + price tag.

I can finally talk about it.
Here's the first part of the story in 25 (or so) words:
Crowded parking lot.
We back car out
Asshole in another car also backs

Hits our car.

Dented. Fixed.
We pay $500 deductible.

Here's the second half of the story in another 25 (or so) words:
No Fault.
Yeah, right.
I'm (ahem) 'peeved'.
Last week, insurance company sends $250 check.
$250 + package of mochi-an.
Better than before.
Still too damned expensive!

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Pear said...

Some of those exotic foods have a high price tag. Kinda like puffer-fish sushi. That'll kill the finances and you.