Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in praise (?) of fried food

Teaching the proverbial old dog some (healthier) new food choice tricks is next to impossible.

Weaning oneself off a diet that consists of reaching for more than
what I should of fave fried foods - ain't easy.

Eating of strictly fresh, unadulterated healthy food should define my eating, yet
those fried dishes can be something close to irresistible.

So what is it about fried, particularly deep fried?
What keeps us coming back for more?
For some (read: me), it is very likely the irresistible/inexplicable sensuousness of oil-infused crispyness.

This morning I came across and obit for Al Copeland.
Whoozzat? Copeland was the founder of fast food chain Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits.
Although I do not frequent Popeye's, I've known folks who are rabid fans.
Just about EVERYTHING is deep-fried on the Popeyes menu. Shamelessly so.

Just recently, I tasted for the first time - french fries from Popeyes.
MmmmmMmmmm Gooooood!
Crispy thin and tasty, they rival McDonald's fried spud offerings.

Believe me, I really do try to balance my consumption of the fried stuff with au natural fare, but it's been a tough-going struggle, let me tell you.
'Fried' may well be my downfall in an otherwise healthy food regimen.

[Just to whet your appetite!]
Fried wonton.
Batter-fried onion rings. (the best to be had are in Marysville, CA., at the Silver Dollar Saloon).
Cantonese brandy-fried chicken (it's all in the marinade).
Deep-fried calamari.
Fried zucchini (ooooh - a bit less oil!)
Bacon (OK, these aren't deep-fried, but you Baconites know all too well the attraction/addiction!).
Yes, I did make mention of salt: fried food's tasty accomplice.
This is serious: WARS have been fought over SALT.
Another post, another time...

Writing of the best of the worst in fried food, just as I just come off a day and a half of feeling poorly with fever,
lightheadedness, tossing my groceries, accompanying complete loss of appetite and the bed-ridden blues.
Just yesterday, I could not even think of food, much less fried food...
This post must mean that I am actually feeling better!


Conn said...

yes, don't forget the bacon. miss lauren lee brought me a bacon chocolate bar last week that was heaven.
i too am just feeling better after a fever of 101 on sunday. ack! just that one day and poof all better... well the nasal thing is still blah.
glad you are feeling better too.

baffle said...

Thrilled to update my sicky report by stating that my bacon craving has returned!
YOU take care, now. I'm being warned that relapses can be expected for this bad-buggy-boo.