Friday, September 05, 2008

rediscovering Fosters Freeze

This could be good or this could be bad.
Good and bad being relative terms and all...

This summer, I've been to Fosters Freeze 3 times.
Thrice may seem an infrequent number of visits to some, but for me - that's a lot.

In the last (too many) years, I've eaten at that particular fast food franchise -
maybe - once every other year - or less.

27 + years ago, you could find me at Fosters Freeze a few times a month (so the cycle is coming round again, it seems).
Why does my recollection of this trivial act zero in on a time period almost three decades ago?

In 1980, I was pregnant with my second child.
The obstetrician's office happened to be across the street from a Fosters Freeze.
I'd go to my monthly appointment, get weighed in, the OB would declare me in fine preggers health and I could rest assured that baby-in-utero was growing nicely.

After seeing the doc, I'd get my rapidly expanding, unwieldy pregnant bod (that is to say I ended up waddling rather than walking) over to Fosters Freeze for one of their yummy corn dogs and/or a medium or large size soft-serve cone (I like the half n' half, maybe because my baby-in-utero was hapa - hee hee).

Towards the end of the 9 months, monthly visits to the doctor became weekly. So did my post doctor trips to FF for corn dogs and soft-serve.

After the birth of baby, I dropped off the Fosters Freeze wagon and went on to health foods, organic this n' that, even vegetarianism for a brief time. More time passed, and my diet morphed into a bit of this to more of that and then to something a bit more balanced: gourmet food, comfort food, fruits and veggies, less meat, more meat, hearty fare, lite fare. Even fast-food fare has played a significant part.

Yet not much FF fare.

Last year, I found myself craving a milk shake. A good milk shake. A thick with ice cream milk shake with flavor that is 'not too artificial'. Short of making my own homemade shake (which is really just a whole lot of ice cream blended with a tiny bit of milk), here was a chance to find the best milk shake in town.

My first stop was the local Fosters Freeze. I ordered a strawberry shake.
Oooooooooh - it was gooooooood.
Seriously YUM.
Cold and thick and chunky with real strawberries. Drinking that shake made me downright light-headed with joy. Brain freeze from the iciness could have attributed too...

This summer, I went back for another shake. Tempted to try their vanilla or chocolate, I again went for strawberry. It was just as delicious as before.

Recently, a friend of mine disclosed to me that she treats herself to a FF soft-serve cone EVERY DAY. DollinkFriend R claims it's part of her 'necessary female daily calcium intake'.

DollinkFriend R met me at FF yesterday and both of us ordered up a soft-serve.
She got her usual: a medium sized vanilla.
Mine was a medium sized half n' half. Dipped in chocolate.

It's just as good as ever.
I am once again hooked on the tasty offerings over at Fosters Freeze.

(read: I'm predictably habitual in my food cravings...)

P.S. Whoooooaaaaa! Did any of you early readers notice my major faux pas with mixing up my pregnancies?
Big time Senior Moment! Corrections have been made - but my mind - she is going going going....


Jessamyn Harris said...

mmm... those shakes with bits of mango and stuff in them! yum. and their crinkley fries... I haven't eaten there in years, you're a bad influence, now I want some!

jessierose said...

you should have asked them for a hapa cone.

k said...

living in San Francisco all my life, i've really missed out on all the good stuff! i've never been to a fosters freeze - thought they only had ice creamy treats. now i gotta find one for a corn dog and strawberry shake! YUM!

justducky said...

Forget the cones...with all three pregnancies I craved SUSHI!

justducky said...

p.s. the author of this blog can cook pretty darn good Japanese food, so I'm quite sated!

baffle said...

Jessamyn ~
MANGO!?! I should get out from unda my strawberry shake rut and give a serious look to their other, more exotica blends of shakes! Thanks (?) for letting me know!

Jessie ~
If only I could! 'Hapa' might not make any sense to the folks in this neck o' da woods.

k ~ Looks like we'll have to take a 'test drive' to FF and check out the corn dogs - see it they're still as good as I remember them to be - if not, we can always wash it down with a shake....

justducky ~ Whether to have a soft-serve ice cream for dinner or Japanese fare....such a difficult decision!
Maybe I'll go for BOTH!