Wednesday, December 06, 2006

KISS me once and KISS me twice

and KISS me once again...

These little chocolate candies look more like miniature game board pieces (which makes them loads of FUN to play with) than Hershey's kisses, but no matter. With that candy-coated outer shell, they taste a lot like double m's. They are YUMMY.

Kissables are made from Hershey's milk chocolate, which of course doesn't compare with the full, rich, deep cacao flavor of Scharffen Berger. So don't compare awreddy!

Instead - KISS me once and KISS me twice and KISS me once again...


I can't believe I rode El Nino!! said...

I LOVE Kissables!!!
I can eat a whole huge 14 oz. of 'em, so I better be carefull...right now I'm having a big craving to get some, arraoing them in rainbow colors and eat them up. M&P played checkers with them and I cheated a lot!

me again said...

where are you? I'm not seeing new blogs....
I'm sending stuff in the mail today.
Hope it's ok.
me again

baffle said...

It's so nice to be MISSED!
Thanks for asking after me.

I Amtrak'd it to The City early early on Friday and helped DollinkDaughterLLS with some work for her biz.
Stayed the night and on Saturday attended a Memorial/ Celebration of Life for a family member.
Saturday eve, dinner out with more family.
Stayed over another night.
Returned to hometown and directly to work a full day today.
Finally homehome tonight and back in my PJs with a cuppa herbal infusion - and glad to be here.
Too tired to blog now, but will get back to it tomorrow - promise!

conn said...

love the kissables!
I remember taking a trip to North Carolina for work and first spotting them there about a year ago. I bought them on the spot for DollinkDaughterLLS as i knew her love of all new candy and snack packaging.
If it said "NEW" she was a sucker for it. I also just got a bag of the tasty little treats from a friend the other day as a mid day pick me up! SMOOOCH!!!

baffle said...

HaHa Conn ~

Some time ago, DDLLS told me that YOU were her partner-in-crime for all treaty and junk food indulgences!

That was fun to know, and thanks for always taking such good care of her by introducing and providing new sweet treats.

Today I'm going out to find a LARGE bag of Kissables to put out in a HOLIDAY CANDY DISH (I can't believe I put out candy dishes, a lá my mom-in-law).

My first taste (wow, a whole year later - I DO live under the proverbial rock in the real forestland...) of Kissables was from a Halloween snack-sized bag. Believe you me, I savored each bite - and made the snack bag of Kissables last almost a week!

To she-who-rode-El Nino ~
I like the idea of playing checkers with Kissables. Saaaaaay, if/when there's time in the next week, I can make a gift of a mini checkerboard...