Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last minute Lydia

Eleventh hour Eleanor.
Too late Tilly.
Catch-up Cassie.
Pokey little (puppy) Petunia.
Lagging behind Letitia.

Holiday cards...eeeeps!
This is the latest I've ever gotten them out.
Truth be known, they aren't even 'out' (read: mailed).

The cards are still on the drafting table. Works in progress.
I am determined to have them ready for mailing by mid-afternoon, and will be taking said cards directly to the main post office for processing!

With any luck, the cards will arrive into the intended snailmailboxes by this Saturday, the 23rd.
My official countdown is on!!!

Egads Edgar.
In the future, perhaps this is a lesson to be learned > to not put this additional holiday pressure upon myself. Keep it simple - and enjoy. Those who need to know I'm thinking about them - will know it all year long - through my words and deeds - e-mails and other e-communication.

Truth be known, Last minute Lydia is actually All the Time Alison.

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