Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Happy Joyous Be Good to Others and to Yourself


shewhomakesgoodatcs said...

Oh, the memories!
Beatlemania ruled my life.
4 silly guys from Liverpool. The city's name implies a sickly damp sewer, doesn't it! But hope stuck it out and they brought the show to the USA and it's teenagers.

Then I hit 18 and rejected childish ways, burning my Beatles scrapbook and throwing away the rest.

Adult life was rearing it's ugly head. Had to kill off the childhood and grow myself up!!

Glad to be grown now...and happy in my real life as opposed to the fantasy of the Beatles.

Merry Christmas and
Happy New year to life on this earth!

baffle said...

I GASPED when I read that you'd 'burned your Beatles scrapbook and thrown away the rest'.
Then I realized that the few items I kept of Beatle memorabilia is only a fraction of the goodies that once decorated my teenage room. Even my worn out London Pallidium poster is long gone - now that - I regret.

Ah, growing up. I hope never to grow up too completely...

Happy New Year yes indeed.
We go on with a hey nonny nonny...