Monday, December 04, 2006

Up on the housetop...

The inspiration for today's post is courtesy of DollinkDaughterJrS, who called to chat this morn.

JrS had a hard time falling asleep last night because she was trying to remember the names of Santa's reindeer. Instead of counting sheep, my DollinkDaughter is counting and naming reindeer. She could only remember 7 of the 9 (how many of us can even recall there were a total of 9?!)

I happened to be at the computer when we were having our phone conversation and 'googled' Santa's Reindeer. Within seconds, I was able to tell her the names missing from her reindeer list: Prancer and Vixen. It's interesting to note that as young'uns, we never questioned the reindeer's unusual names: i.e. Blitzen.
Or Donder (aka Donner).

For more info, check out these little known factoids about the reindeer.

Here's another fun reindeer site for you to peruse until the 24th...when...up on the housetop...(there may be a bit of caterwauling..).

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jrides EL NINO! Wow! said...

How do they get results from only 50 insomniacs?

I say the whole population of San Francisco MIGHT be enough.

Otherwise it's like a bunch of relatives, grousing after dinner and going to bed irritated.
How nicely are THEY going to drop off? Maybe the ones who drank all the wine.