Saturday, December 30, 2006

Scary memory from my yoot

I was 13 years old.
I sang this song at a school assembly.

Just for fun.

Whatever was I thinking?!?

Impetuous yoot.


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pear's gal said...

Wow B, You sang in front of the whole school! I'm proud to know you. Do you ever sing nowadays? In the car? In the bath? Vocal chords can be amazing, like little girl B. singing in front of the whole school! And crummy, like when my sister had to parent a 1 1/2 yr. old AND work with no voice ~laryngitis~ for 10 days!

I had that wow-zone moment when everyone sang "Joelle, Joelle" at our high school Christmas program. We all had to take chorus...I was an alto, I could never read the music, (even after 5 or six years of piano lessons) but I did understand that the music went higher when the printed notes went higher. Altos had to was hard!
I never got to sing the melody...and I wanted to!

I love to sing, that's what is especially great about church...singing! I was in our church choir for a while when I was younger, I loved the red and white robes; pulling them over our clothes in a dark paneled closet....and I loved processing up the aisle w. Rev. Hallet et all.

But practice was the pits because the notes jumped around on the page and made no sense to me, even though I wanted to sing.

Our choir was late reaching Grace Cathedral for a service with all the Bay Area Episcopal choirs...we ended up sitting way up front with the adult choir near the booming pipe organ.
Now that was some kind of majesty!