Monday, January 01, 2007


Day late and a black-eyed pea short.
Or something like that.

I've got some black-eyed peas, smoked ham shanks, salt pork
and this recipe - which I intend to make with a few changes from the ingredients listed.
About 20 years ago, I was introduced to the eating of black-eyed peas to begin the new year as a Southern new year food tradition. South as in Southern USA. Exercising artistic license, and as my ancestry is southern (Southern China, but what the hey) I'm adopting and adapting the tradition - and the recipe.

My plan is to vary from the norm with the prep of this dish (which is usually served pretty plain). Perhaps my variation will have something of an Asian Twist (not the Pony, but the Twist) (OMG, how I LUV to do The Twist!)(and can do a pretty mean Asian Twist)(Whooooa, did I get distracted there. The Twist song can do that to a person...).

I can use Chinese sausage (good ol' lop cheoung) in my black-eyed peas dish instead of the aforementioned salted pork meats!
Or both?
Decisions decisions.
Hmmmmmmmm and Yummmmmmm.

I was gone all day today to romp and play and eat tasty Happy New Year foods with friends and fam in The City, so I won't be cooking up a proper black eyed pea dish to eat until tomorrow.

But I'm right here right now on this first day of 2007 to wish you this: have yourself some very fine 'first days of the New Year'! Be kind to someone. Give some lovin'. Get some lovin'.
Today was full of kindness and lovin' all the way round.
We're going to have our good days and our bad days, but I do hope you experience a string of good days to start the year.

Eat black-eyed peas.
They're considered a Lucky Food.
And by all means - do The Twist (Asian or otherwise).
Before, during or after ...


justducky said...

Here's the recipe from my Father-in-law from Alabama:

Steam together:

Black Eyed Peas
Chopped Bacon
Apple Cider Vinegar


Lauren said...

Yum and yum! Other than turkey on Thanksgiving, I don't have any food traditions that I can think of. Last year may have been the first time that I've eating corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day, even. So I think I'll have to make some black eyed peas and start myself a new tradition!

baffle said...

JustDucky ~

Oh yes, gotta have them GREENs. I luv greens, but not too overcooked, please! Thanks for the Alabama recipe. I made a version of that one year, and no one ate it but moi. There was plenty, so I more or less OD'd on greens and peas that year...

Lauren ~

Yo Momma tells me there was plenty corned beef n' cabbage at your 'growing up home' on St. Paddy's.

Perhaps those weren't memorable meals, or you didn't care for corned beef or cabbage, or it was during your vegetarian years?

No matter.
So long as you're eating, thinking and dreaming about eating and food prep and the like. Family tradition! Have fun!

Life Tip: never trust someone who isn't interested in talking endlessly about foodfoodfood.

justducky said...

When are you making YOUR blackeyed peas?
I'll be up to join in the munching.