Sunday, January 21, 2007

Toy Dolls I had and Toy Dolls I wanted

Memory Lane!

This is a bit lengthy for most of us 'insta internet-ers' (skip to about 6:54 for the real 'good stuff'), but is pretty telling of the advertising hype directed at little girls back in the 50's...


Conn said...

Oh my where do I start? Well for starters, that Barbie Dream House is SOOOOOOOOO much cooler and more modern than the horrible pink monstrosity that is offered today. I actually remember seeing my aunts and can picture that square chair... it was a flocked reddish color.

I just love that a group of older gentlemen are discussing and signing the order to put Betsy Wetsy into production. There is something really wrong with that picture... not a woman in sight!

baffle said...

No kidding about the dream house of yesteryear surpassing the newer one in both style and color! You're lucky to have the red-flocked chair etched into your memory!

When DDLLS and DDJrs were little, both wanted the Barbie Bubble Gum Pink Dream House. I couldn't, I just couldn't bring myself to get one for them. First of all, it was too costly, secondly, would take up too much room in our little house, and thirdly, it was that awful pink color. OK in small doses, but OMG!

I finally succumbed to the Barbie Bubble Gum Pink Convertible, though. We still have it. In the garage - parked on a shelf - for the someday-soon-grandkids at their houses?!?

That way the DollinkDaughters can each have their turn at home decor a lá Barbie Pink!
Payback time!