Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Every day is a blank slate. Very exciting.

However, some people allow their days to pass without much significance. Nothing on the slate. Not even a productive-purposely-not-being-productive 'Day to unwind and relax and enjoy the quiet'. These folks have 'boring days'. What is that?!? Such a shame.

We can make something of each 24 hours. It took me years to adopt this mindset, but I now hold to the belief that each day we're lucky enough to wake up to - holds promise. Good stuff. Special moments here and there, then and now that just happen or that we create. Active or passive endeavors. Keeping mindful of the fact that we are instrumental in making our days count for something.
Little things that give life meaning. They add up.
It's nice.

Holidays are social constructs.
Designated days on the calendar that provide reason to pause, ponder and/or celebrate. Most holidays are anniversaries of significant events. They serve as days of observance. Some happy, others sad. It behooves us to take note. Balance is all-important.

Some holidays are just for fun.
Why the heck not?!?
Any opportunity to celebrate good times, c'mon!

Today is National Pie Day.
Eat pie, bake pie or think about pie (I particularly like the idea of 'Perform random
acts of Pieness'.)

Today I'm baking a pie. After all, it's a holiday.
(and there's lots of apples in the fridge...)

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