Wednesday, January 17, 2007

softest robe (really and truly)

Two days ago, DollinkDaughterJrS presented me with a new robe. Not a Happy New Year or Birthday or Mother's Day gift - it was a 'thinking-of-you-just-because' present. Sweeeeeeeeet!

The robe I've been wearing for the last few years is made of fuzzy fleecy fabric in a large Paul Bunyan-type plaid print and is wrap-style. It's cozy and definitely Mountain MamaWear. Putting on my old robe is like throwing on a huge plaid cabin-in-the-woods print blanket that just happens to have sleeves and a collar. Each cold winter evening (there's a run of them of late) I look forward to tucking myself into Old Plaidy for a nice warm snuggle.
As much as I enjoy the comfort offered by my old robe, I'm sure others who see me in it wish for something a tad more...attractive? look upon.

The new robe (pictured above) is off-white in color, has a large hood, and in the style of my plaid robe it wraps around and secures with a self-fabric belt. It's made of an incredibly luxe, indescribably soft (and I mean the softest) fabric. It's a polyester but OoooohLaaaLaaa, what a polyester!
I, who covet natural fabrics like wool, cotton, silk, linen and the like - and typically eschew synthetics - am in LUV with this material!

This robe is, hands-down decidedly more attractive than Old Plaidy. Wearing it is an exercise in sensuality. It's soft on the outside, but even softer on the inside. Truth be known, I can't stop petting it!

In my excitement (cheap thrills abound), I Google'd 'softest fabric' and found all manner of faux velvet fur so-soft-you-can't-stand-it fabric: 'Minkee', 'Moccasin' (stuffed-bears!), 'Minky'...

I adore the tactile experience of all the new fabrics on the market, particularly the ones manufactured from resources like hemp (check out who utilized hemp fiber for industry over 5000 years ago), bamboo and soy.
Who knew there are so many organic clothing websites?

To be sure, let's all sing praises to organic and green and ethical, but today's post has everything to do with the softy polysynthetics, so Huzzah Huzzah for my new luxurious bathrobe!
I luv winter!!!

LoveKissyHuggys to DollinkDaughterJrS for your thoughtfulness!

P.S. Not one to forget an old friend, I am keeping Old Plaidy around for those Enuff-Softiness-Awready evenings.


jessierose said...

you're welcome! and thank you for allowing me to wear old plaidy for the past couple of nights.

baffle said...

tonight i'm wearing old plaidy and giving softy wofty a rest.

i forgot to add that dollinkdaughterjrs says i look like a jedi with the hood (of the soft robe) on.

Lauren said...

the company that makes beanie babies has even come up with a name for the soft plushy fabric they use- it's called "tysilk". last time i was in a toystore, i couldn't believe how soft stuffed animals are these days!

i also hear that bamboo sheets are the softest, most luxurious sheets ever, and you can even get them at big box stores like bed, bath & beyond. i'm curious to try them.

baffle said...

bamboo sheets sound like a must-try!

As for Tysilk Beanies - just when you think those little stuffed toys could get no softer - good golly a brand new fabric and to touch them is simply heavenly!

In my wardrobe, I'm choosing mostly soft fabrics anymore. Crispy just doesn't suit me (pun intended).