Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ask of and listen to...

your elders.
They have much to offer.

Talk about been there, seen it and done that.
Boyohboy, have they.

There are those who feel that seniors are nameless faceless tottering old folk who shouldn't be participating in society. That is such a mistaken notion and soooooooo unjust.

Our society perpetuates this misconception of old people as worth less, and we mentally, physically and emotionally move them out of the 'can-do' mainstream. In our modernity, it seems we've wandered much too far from the respect due our elders.

More than ever before, many of us (slightly) (much) (considerably) younger types could benefit from the wisdom of the elderly and their life experiences. As we go through our own trials and tribulations, couldn't we all use something of the practical advice that the older generations have to offer?

Venture to ask. Many will be thrilled that you did.
In doing so, you may be the lucky recipient of commonsense pearls-o-wisdom.

In return, express gratitude.

Make some time in your busy, harried, frenzied no-time-to-get-it-all-done day to acknowledge a senior.
Take a minute.
Give a precious moment.
Get a better one right back.

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