Wednesday, December 27, 2006

T'is the season... be knitting.
It's Post Christmas. Whaaaaaaa hoppened?!?!?
The last week has been something of a blurrrrrrrr.

But hey - and hurrah! Christmas Day has come and gone, and The Post Christmas Season knitting bug just bit me - hard. It happened last night when I finished my very first felted project - a bowl (well, it's more like a small bucket) from this book. Aforementioned bucket is air-drying in front of the heater vent as I write this. No promises, but there may be before n' after pix of that felted knitting project posted on this blog in the not-too-distant future. That is, if I'm not too pre-occupied with more of the same...

Oodles more simple knitting projects beckon. After I've got a few 'quick n' easy' (though no knitting projects are ever quick or easy for me) things completed, then perhaps - just maybe - yes, it could happen - I'll be getting back to that unfinished sweater from - what - 2 years ago? Now wouldn't that be nice? I may yet emerge from the Wannabe Knitter cocoon I"ve been stuck in for far too long - and get back to being a Real Knitter again.

Yes yes.
Start small (scarves!)(felted bowls and clutch bags and flowers!)(already it seems that 'I Feel Like Felting' may warrant its own post before long), then move onward to more involved projects.

Settling in on a cold winter afternoon with bamboo knitting needles (given a choice, bamboo is the ONLY way to fly) and yarn has got to be one of the cozier crafting choices for the upcoming months...

Guess what.
Post Holidaze t'is also the season to begin crafting for the next year's Holidaze Season, don't you agree?
If one were smart about it.
(All good intentions aside) I am not.

P.S. Check out this crazy wonderful knitting fanatic!

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