Sunday, August 05, 2007

Imaginary Friends

or....Which Way Did That Cwazy Wabbit Go?

I had a delightful time watching 'Harvey' on TCM this morning. Last saw it waaaay too many years ago and I'd almost forgotten just how endearing a movie it is.

The dialog, direction and acting - par excellence. (You can't miss with Jimmy Stewart)
However, a bit (outdated?)(misguided?) is the notion by writer Mary Chase in suggesting that adults having imaginary friends need be attributed to the excesses of social drinking.
It seems that is the suggestion, anyways...

There's an Aesop's fable-type morality lesson woven into the story - something along the line of how being a pleasant person makes for a much improved life.
Ya think?
Should go without saying, but Alas.

To be the recipient of kind, gentle words and sincere, heartfelt compliments? Invitations to dinner (drinks?) with no hidden agenda by the host?
Treated accordingly, who wouldn't be flattered?

Being pleasant and around those who are pleasant.
It's enough to make you feel good about being alive.
Sound practice, for life is so very short.

Re: Imaginary Friends: For a brief time, I had an imaginary friend by the name of Ralph, who helped me cope with more than a few 'teen moments'. Ralph stuck around for a particularly angst-filled year, after which I bid him a fond adieu...

Who is/was your imaginary friend(s)?

BTW: One word movie review: Chuckle.


justducky said...

We've laughed about our daughter's imaginary friend,
"Silsey" for years and years.
It just was cute as anything.

This year she told us she never had an imaginary friend,
she was talking about our neighbor, Elsie.

Deflated my balloon, tho said daughter is still cute as anything!

Pear said...

Do you think the big Saint Bernard and Marian and George were Topper's best friend in the old b&w tv. show?

baffle said...

I loved watching 'Topper', though it creeped me out a little because his not-so-imaginary friends were ghosts.

Thanks for the reminder about the dog
...I'd forgotten. Though it seems odd to forget something as big as a St. Bernard.

John said...

Harvey's a great movie. The end always kind of freaks me out though. Never had an imaginary friend. But there is a super cute cartoon on CartoonNetwork called "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". It centers on a house where all the unwanted imaginary friends end up. Superb background illustrations.