Monday, August 20, 2007

It's finally happened!

Since the beginning of this month, due to an increased social/life schedule, I have been forced to seek out easy-to-consume, convenient 'meals' now and again. In doing so, it seems that I may be well on my way to developing a bona fide franchise food/drink addiction!

Does having four (count 'em, four!) sixteen oz. size Jamba Juice concoctions (not including 'Secret Menu' items) in the course of one week's time qualify me as a regular, foaming at the mouth addicted customer?

The question is - shall I rejoice because I'm now officially OneWithTheMasses (who indulge and overindulge in franchise offerings), or do I stop to reconsider (the consequences of denting the food budget and all the possibly empty calories added to my diet), then commit myself to a 12-step program?

FYI: Though my preference is home-made smoothies, JJ is way too convenient and requires absolutely no dishwashing on my part...
P.S.: Anything with mango...

Down side of frequenting Jamba = it's often crowded and too dang noisy in those places.


rodemistytoday said...


And It's good for you, right?
Several servings of fruit isn't it?!

My gift card from a teacher was a bummer...'sposed to register it when you 1st get it, but I didn't know!
No go so I called the Co. and they are grudginly sending me a certificate for one drink! Grrr.

It's ok, I'll get mango!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love Jamba Juice, even though I also make very good smoothies at home.

Mango-a go go and Mango Mantra are my favorites, too.