Friday, August 03, 2007

No law (or conscience) at all in the wild...

More on seek n' seize hunter gatherers.

To be sure...
birds, squirrels and other hungry forest critters have no qualms about trespassing and foraging in our garden!

Pictured is the state of most of our vine-ripened tomatoes in the last week. Before that, the bounty was exclusive to our picking.

I'm all for the critters getting some, but c'mon little darlins! Save a few (of the good ones) for us!
During this harvest, it's a matter of beating them to get to the vine-ripened tomates first...

(I purposely left this one on the vine. I'm hoping the culprit (s) will finish one fruit entirely before going off and chomping a big hole in all the other ripening tomatoes before I can get to them)

(May have to resort to netting...)

(Our wee garden plot is cordoned off with a chain-link fence, so it wasn't deer or bear...unless they've figured out how to open and close the gate...)



John said...

I feel you B! I get the same dejected angry feelings whenever i see our worm-hole riddled lemon cukes!

justducky said...

OH,YES! Bears can open ANYTHING!
Be careful, please!!
Don't know about deer.

Re: gardening:
I cut my wrist open with pruning shears. Since I did NOT want to sit in the ER for stitches,T figured out a butterfly-bandage.

I am NOT ever, ever, allowed to use power tools...ever!

baffle said...

Yes Yes moi aussi!
Dejected - Angry - VIOLATED!

If Ms. Bear did open the gate, she very politely closed it again after sampling the goodies.

No more sharp object handling for you, justducky!