Saturday, August 11, 2007

move over, knitting obsession

For months, I've been obsessed with knitting.
This week - whaaaazup wid da knitting?

A new obsession has overtaken me. My days, my nights.

Since her birth day on Monday 6 August, it's all about the brand new grandbaby.
I haven't knit a stitch since her arrival. Give me a week or two to calm down and set myself and my knitting needles straight again.
Yeah, right.

I foresaw that aforementioned baby obsession might occur, so last week I went ahead and started writing a couple of blogposts, currently saved in 'drafts'. I'll be publishing them post haste.
I'm trying to trick y'all into thinking (though I know that you know) that I've not gone astray to the point of no return.

With that in mind...
two new baby pix for you to goochie goochie goo over...


jessamynit said...

this is not fair! you give me crazy baby fever and I am powerless, just sitting here going "awwwwwwwwwwwWWWWW!"
can't wait to meet her.

Conn said...

Is she real?
She looks so happy.

jessierose said...

ruv her!

John said...

hey cute kid. congrats grannie! ; )

baffle said...

how are newborn babies like lon chaney? they have 1000 faces.

within the space of 15 seconds, they can grimace, frown, make sucking mouth movements, cross their eyes, blink, squint, etc..

along with all these expressions, them babies are capable of a nanosecond long (but oh so charming) 'smile'.

with my finger poised on the camera shutter release - it's all about timing...

hope upon hope that dollinkgranddaughterLB gets to calling me 'G-Ma'.
besides sounding like a geriatric superhero, G-Ma means 'Sesame' in Cantonese.