Sunday, July 29, 2007

do you duvet?

I first encountered sleeping atop feather beds and under puffy down-filled duvets during my numerous trips to Europe in the 90's. Wonderful beddings! Each evening, after a tough day of working a trade show and/or seeing the sites, I could look forward to engaging the feathery fluff. In addition, I had several square shaped luxury down Euro pillows to artfully arrange into a dreamy halo to lay my weary head upon.

The delights of down has everything to do with the 'poof factor', doesn't it?
Nestling into soft, feather-filled beddings does seem to set the stage for oh-so-delicious sleep.

Some years ago, our household bedding style finally got switched (from the old style top sheet plus several blankets or poly-filled comforter) to downy duvets sheathed in washable duvet covers.
Still haven't sprung for a feather bed mattress top - just a matter of time.
As for pillows, I'm still on a hunt. In the meantime, me poor ol' neck and shoulder muscles ache something awful...

Beds ~ get down on it.

I'm so accustomed to cuddling my duvet that it has remained on the bed after the chilly cold of winter passed into sweeeeeet mild springtime temps and even after spring finally yielded to the relentless heat of summer.

It's difficult to settle in properly for the night without a puffy blankie to snuggle. I get properly nested, fall asleep. In the middle of the night, I usually kick the duvet off for a bit. Then pull it back over when the bod cools. Off and on. On and off.
(Typical fitful sleep pattern of a middle-aged menopausal mama)

At any rate...

Question #1: Your beddings: top sheet n' blanket-poly-comforter or a simple poofy duvet? Down or down alternative?
Question #2: What to do with all the top sheets from the sheet sets?

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Lauren said...

we're all about feathers, all the time! down duvet atop a feather bed, with 2 pillows each, year round. although i just started using a strange new pillow that you fill with WATER (D brought it home from work). so far it's pretty comfy!