Sunday, July 08, 2007

Smells .... like .... camping

We live here.
Well, very close to here.
Just a 15 minute drive beyond that far hill. Even further into the forest.

In the good ol' summertime, folks from the San Francisco Bay Area drive up thisaway en masse - for sun, fun, swimming, hiking, rafting. Horseback, bike and OHV riding. Communing with nature.
There are rivers, lakes, trails.
Scenic beauty at every turn.
Fresh air.
Considerably less traffic.

Afternoon temps yesterday hovered in the 90's.
HubbyDear was clearing brush on our property. Working in the morning hours, with plenty of shade from the trees - the physical work was demanding but not too hellish.

I busied myself with 'inside chores', then stepped outside to check on HD's progress (read: make sure he hadn't overexerted himself and passed out there on the ground).
Not to worry. HD was just fine, having worked himself up into a healthy sweat and quite pleased with his progress: pruning, clearing, sweeping and general tidying up of 'our little chunk' of the forest.

Taking care not to stand down breeze (rarely is it windy enough around here to say 'down wind') from his sweat-soaked bod, I took a quick look round, then a gentle whiff - of our great out-of-doors.
I smiled. Nodded.
Stated ' .... camping'.

Then I turned heel and went back into the air-conditioned house.

On many days and in many ways - - - - - it's SWEEEEEET living here in the woods.


justducky said...

Those slaving sweating sweethearts really are so proud of thieir outdoor achievemenets.

And so are WE!

I myself like watering, but I share with T because he does most of the outside grut work.
(my family said that,
is it a real phrase?)

My favorite smell is the jasmine coming in the screen door.

jessamynit said...

I wanna go!

baffle said...

Come on up.
Trees are green.
Smells of crushed pine needles on the forest floor.
The weather's fine.
NO WIND to speak of.
No freezing cold nighttime breezes.
No soot and grime blowing into the eyes.
No need for sweatshirts, sweaters, long pants.

A/C unit is in good working order.

HD claims that the spa jets are functioning too - though the heater is still out.

Try see.