Monday, July 23, 2007

one year anniversary

July 21 marked the first anniversary of b's blog.
My first post was an intro.
A bit shy, a tad reticent.

In the course of a year, I've grown more comfortable with the business of blogging.
It's been great FUN.
Constructing a post, however, remains a struggle (even the most trite of posts takes considerable time /effort to create).

Even so, I LUV it.
This blog has morphed into a bitchfest, bookfest, Beatlefest, cookfest, artcraftfest, nostalgiafest, et ceterafest.

A 'Little Bit O' Dis and A Little Bit O'Dat' is not a disingenuous byline.
My blog style is free-association, which is truly how I function and present myself.
C'est moi.
Take it (thank you) or leave it (waaaaah).

Blogging has proven therapeutic.
b's blog is a personal journal which reveals just a bit, but not too much. To delve deeper into b's psyche could be a scary thing (more so for others to read than for me to write).

Staying on the lite side of the blog road, I will continue to offer a laugh, jog a memory, inspire a creative endeavor, raise a hackle, prompt a read ...

On a good day, b's blog promises to be thought-provoking.
On a bad day, a frightful bore.

At any rate - it has been a year, so
Happy Anniversary to b's blog.

Truest words often left unspoken ~
this I'd enjoy having (perhaps in a funkier font) on a girl-style tee/ button/ mug/ tote:
No One Cares About Your Blog


Lauren said...

one whole year already! congratulations! i do love reading b's blog.

jessierose said...

Happy Blogiversary!

justducky said...

WoW~...that's a lot of riding...I mean writing!!

And just in time for bday celebrations I assume.