Tuesday, July 24, 2007

time for: cute

My new pet.


Lauren said...

it was batting at me! too cute!

baffle said...

If you click the cat toy out of the 'more' box, Mi Yau will bat at it and when she hits the red ball, it swings away and back again!

Brilliant, ain't it?

baffle said...

At first I thought the cat food tin was ineffective - even after 'opening' the tin,

Today I placed it right over Mi Yau's mouth and clicked.
Kitty jumped OUT OF THE BASKET and ATE THE FOOD!!!
Now I have to figure out how to get Mi Yau back into the basket.

Then I'll turn off and walk away from this computer and try to get a life.

baffle said...

Good Grievin' Gravy!
Mi Yau PURRS when you 'scratch' her - and she jumps in and out of the basket to play with/ or avoid getting hit by the cat toy.

OK - I'm leaving now. Unless I can get the basket to overturn....