Wednesday, July 04, 2007

for love of reading

Reading is a joy.

I find book stores and libraries irresistible.
Wondrous places to wander, dream, escape, learn.

Making reading choices can be overwhelming (I find it delightfully so). It sometimes becomes necessary to pick up a book on choosing what books to read.
I have one that lists Not-to-be-missed-in-this-lifetime Classics.

There are books written about the sheer pleasure of words, of reading.
I have this title on my home library shelf as well, right alongside another great read (and no, I don't alphabetize my books).

Huzzah! for books, for reading, and for Clifton Fadiman and (his daughter) Anne Fadiman.

OMG! She's got a new book of essays out!

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justducky said...

B. you have inspired me to post in my blog about book reports from high school days, yuck.
(High school just is yuck anyway you look at it.)

Though later Jane Eyre and David Copperfield became favorites of mine, I thought I'd die trying to figure out what they were all about at the time!

Too many old fashioned words (read: too much vocabulary)!