Friday, July 13, 2007

Where have all the ( ) gone?

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.
A personal favourite.
Good cherry flavor. Chock-full of large chunks of deep red sweet cherries.
Well, it used to be, anyway.

These last years, I've noticed Cherry Garcia is getting a bit skimpy on the fruit (where there were once bona fide chunks o' cherry, there are now shavings) as well as the choc (virtual specks now rather than thinnish chips).
Even the taste seemed less cherry, somehow.

Each pint proved more disappointing than the last.
I was just about to give up hope on CG and make the switch to Coffee Heath Bar Crunch as my B&J fave.
Ready to heave another big 'Oh well that'sa life' sigh, I slogged onward, muttering to myself -
Where #!?$#??%$!@!!? have all the cherries gone?*

Then - gentle fate - once again - intervened.
This spring, while on our Texas weekend getaway, HD and I stopped to re-fuel the rental car. Looking for a refreshing treat in the station's mini mart freezer case, I spotted a Cherry Garcia ice cream bar.

Really, how could I resist? Decided to give ol' CG another try....
Hmmmmm....Nice and cold.....Chocolate coated.....Tasty ice cream.....Plenty enough cherry bits throughout ...

Could it be that someone finally got wise at the B&J ice cream factory and returned the cherries to Cherry Garcia?
Or are ice cream bars the way to go now in lieu of pints?

Would someone else please do a taste test?

* This question begs the other, much too obvious, musical question. The following links will get ya there:
Marlene Dietrich

Pete Seeger

Mary Travers and The Kingston Trio

Peter Paul & Mary and Pete Seeger

Joan Baez

Each and every version of the song is lovely (thanks to a Baez recording in my possession, I can even sing a few lines in German!).

So - here's my suggestion ~
DO take a taste test of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream and whilst so indulging, DO tap into one of the above YouTube videos for a heartfelt singalong (between bites of CG).

Kindly remember to report back to me on YOUR ice cream taste test / cherry-count findings.

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Lauren said...

This is my kind of taste test! I would be happy to participate and will report my findings.