Sunday, July 22, 2007

Once upon a time...

The ability to read is a privilege and a gift.
There is little that compares with the pleasure of cozying down in a comfortable well-lit place for a read.
Quiet time with the written word.

Reading aloud can also be quite an enjoyable experience.
I sometimes read aloud to myself - or to others (and they usually don't run screaming...perhaps are too polite to...).

When it comes to being read to, children certainly are the lucky ones.
They oft have storytime offered: at home, childcare, school, bookstores, church and the library.

Adults have far fewer storytime opportunities.
In my humble opinion - young, older and old ALL delight in being read to.

Sure, we adults can stop in at book-signings to hear authors read brief excerpts of their latest book. A great variety/number of audio book titles are available for us to buy or borrow for a listen on our car CD or MP3 player.

Wouldn't adult storytime be even sweeeeeeter, though?

I love me my public library, but so far, they don't offer adult story-time.
KUDOs to public libraries that offer such programs!

As a special treat, let's all us adults spend a bit of social time reading aloud to each other now and again. Try it with your significant other(s) first, then relatives and close friends.
Might be - nice.

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