Monday, August 07, 2006

beach stompin'

Hoy Saltwater Sandals are made of specially treated leather purported to 'withstand salt water from ocean beaches’. That is to say the leather isn’t damaged or stretched out when wet and even the effects of salt water are negligible. The sandals wear and wear and wear and rarely get worn out (outgrown, yes, worn out - no). Claims such as these regarding the sturdy little shoes ain't just full of hot air.

Both my kids wore Hoy Salt Water Sandals. Those sandals are sooooo cute in the tiny sizes! Now the little munchkins have grown into adult women, and are, to be sure - 'accumulators of fine footwear' (read: they own far too many shoes). Those gals luv shoes! They've worn everything from embroidered no-support flat soled Chinese 'Mary Jane' shoes to custom-designed sporty athletic footwear to dainty n' dressy red soled Christian Louboutin to ballet style leather flats, wedge-heels, the requisite high school/college Berkies, too-cool boots, elevated platforms and back again to close-to-the-pavement zoris in basic black rubber. Just to name a few.

When it comes to foot coverings, it ultimately behooves any and all of us to seek (at least, on occasion when we feel responsible for being good to our feet) a balanced combination of comfort, style and durability in our footwear. Something that speaks to 'walkability' as well as fashion. Form + function.

Earlier this summer, 'JrS' (the younger of my two dollink daughters) purchased a pair of authentic (they MUST be authentic!)(check the sole for imprint) Hoy Saltwater Sandals. Not surprisingly, JrS chose the same style she wore some 20-odd years ago, which also happens to be the Hoy Company's classic. JrS wanted something 'to wear with jeans/ shorts/ skirts/ dresses' - and this style fit the bill. She swears by the great fit of her new Saltwaters, and highly recommends them to those seeking same in their summer footwear.

Although designed with children in mind, many Saltwater Sandal styles are available in larger sizes for adults.

Interesting bit of Hoy trivia from Wikipedia:
"Saltwater sandals" are/were a popular children's footwear, originally developed (by the Hoy Shoe Company of St. Louis, MO) in the 1940s as a way of coping with wartime leather shortages, as they were designed to be made largely from the scrap leather left over from making men's shoes. They are still made by the original manufacturer.

So - armed with all this good info, dash out today and get a pair. Be sure to wear them beach stompin'. Then be surprised and pleased when your sandals aren't totally destroyed by the effects of sun, sand and ocean water. Just give them a little rinse with tap water, towel dry, allow to air dry and they are good as new and still fit, to boot (no pun intended).
And no, I don't work on commission.

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jessie rose said...

not only do i highly recommend these sandals, i am highly obsessed with them. whenever i wear them you will catch me staring down at my feet or checking them out as i walk by a mirror. ♥