Wednesday, August 23, 2006

(Hate) Machine

When media messages are constructed, sometimes truth hits the cutting room floor.


thinkingoutofthebox said...

There have been recent revalations regarding the misinformation of at least two news organizations skewing the facts and especially the pictures of what is going on in Irag. One example shows using the PhotoShop Cloning Tool to enhance the size and therefore the significance of American bombings of "friendly villagers" damages and smoke. Like this piece, editing and reconstruction of the video and audio totally misrepresents the intent of the children's input.
Are we programmed to learn how to hate people who are different from us? Can we not see the beauty of the physical and intellectual presence of one different in skin tone but one who has so much to offer that it is a joy to share a friendship?

baffle said...

There are strong indications (history) that we humans repeat a vicious cycle of measurement/comparison/placement/hierarchy in our existence with one another. Is this 'natural programming' genetic?
I'm richer you're poorer. I'm taller, you're smaller. I'm stronger, you're weaker. I'm lighter, you're darker. I believe in this and you believe in that. One of us is right and the other wrong. Who or which is better? Are you a threat to my survival?

Hierarchy. Greed. Power. War. (Too much testosterone?)

This has been going on way way back before video editing and eons before anyone could ever have dreamed of something called Photoshop. Why do we do this? Will we ever stop? Surely we have it within ourselves.
One race = the human race?

If only it could be realized before our star finally fizzles...