Friday, August 18, 2006

Beatles 4 ever!

I’m regressing. Day by day, a fair portion of my 'life perspective' makes its way back to the mindset of the naive (OK, for those of you who know me well, I’m still naive, but it’s a good
thing, right?) impressionable teen that was me in the....(wow) mid-60’s…

Last week, I celebrated a milestone birthday. I now qualify for the Tuesday Senior Discount at Gottschalks.

Who knows where the time goes? Heck, in composing this post, Zip! there goes a bit more of it.

Given the natural movement forward, a little pushme-pullyou regression seems essential to the process, no? It keeps the universal elements or some other cosmic thing in balance. At the very least, regressing has me waking in the morn thankful I’m still capable of enjoying life's simpler pleasures. For those of us fortunate enough, good things do abound. It’s a stop and smell the roses mentality, to be sure. Make the time. Take the time. Truth be known, pleasures do tend to get simpler as one advances the years, so take note before the choices narrow. That, however, is another discussion for another post….

Back to regressing. Back to having fun with a flashback twist. Get Back to Beatles.

Dollink Daughter LlS recently informed me that in less than seven days, several venues in San Francisco will host a ’40 Years Ago Today’ Beatles Celebration Weekend. As many of you know, the Beatles performed their last group concert at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966; and the ’40 Years Ago’ celebration serves to acknowledge that anniversary. (do click on the RealTime videos!)

No, the Fab Four won’t be there.
John is dead. :-(
So is George. :-(
Dear Little Ringo is still with us :-)
Paul – well the jury’s still out… :-0 (oooh, not nice, B! If not a tad sacrilegious, considering the context of this post!)(especially since Paul was once your fave!).

The Sun Kings will be performing, though. I’ve never heard of them before today; nor have I ever been to a show where an imitation/ tribute band/ cover band Beatles group has performed. There ain't nothin' like the real deal, unless of course, you can no longer get the real deal...(sigh).

There will be interviews with / presentations by ‘those who were there’ at that last Beatle Summer. Beatle movies and documentary films will be shown on the BIG SCREEN, including ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. So many favourite scenes! I’m seriously hoping AHDN will prompt a ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ type response (sans food throwing) from attending audience members.
Of which I will be one.

Don’t think I’ll be doing my infamous (annoying to some) Beatlemaniac Scream anytime during the festivities, though. After all, I am a mature, demure and so Been There Done That Upstanding Senior Citizen now…

P.S. What? There aren't enough links in this post? Fine then. Here's one more to keep your Beatles whistle whetted.


Derek said...

This is going to be so fun! I can't wait. I will be sporting earplugs in anticipation of the piercing, fanatical screams I just know you won't be able to refrain from.

"But I've seen your grandfather...he lives in your 'ouse!"

As for the number of links in your posts. You are NUTS!! I love it!

baffle said...

Derek, thanks for commenting on this post, which seemingly took years off my life to compose! You're right, I am NUTS. It's just that I got so excited, y'see...

As for the 'Beatlemaniac Scream', I could put a sock in it, or as a Beatle would say 'You'd look gear with an apple in your gob'.

jrideshorses said...

Beatles Memory
I was 14 when the Beatles played the Cow Palace. Mom took us sisters and girl-cousins. A true San Franciscan, she required we wear dresses and maryjanes to the city. Our tickets put us in the very LAST row and we were NOT allowed to rush to the front! The Beatles climbed the stage, causing a deafening high-pitched roar, as loud a sound as I’ve heard! We stood balancing in a mob on our chairs. We knew what songs they were playing by the occasional stray chord that carried back to us. And we knew who was who, though they were tiny as ants! I looked down at my Mom in her seat. She was stylish in her dress and heels, one stockinged leg crossed over the other, staring at the floor, smoking a cigarette. We all adored my Mom. Nobody else’s Mom would take us to see our idols, our “True Loves”. I wondered if she was brooding over her troubled marriage or if she was reminiscing about her own teenaged beloved: Frank Sinatra. Many years later my sister and I had a " remember-the -Beatles'-lyrics” competition...She knew so many songs!