Friday, August 04, 2006

irresistible blue ribbon cookies

There's nothing quite like a home-baked cookie. Fresh ingredients mixed to perfection. Hot n' crispy right out of the oven. These beauties won blue ribbons at a local county fair. I love trying out new cookie recipes - more so if they've already been rated 'Blue Ribbon'. Tried and true. Trés Betty Crocker!

However, a colony of creepy crawly sugar-craving ants (and you thought they were poppy seeds...) found their way into the exhibit case where these cookies were displayed and were swarming all over the sweet offerings. Eeeeuuuwww!
Perhaps you too are battling an invasion of ants in your kitchen this summer and need some helpful suggestions on how to make 'em go away back outside/ or directly (do not pass Go do not collect $200) to ant heaven ...

Moral of story: DO bake cookies and DO store them in airtight containers!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

At least the ants were smart enough to know which cookies won 1st place! That is a totally gross picture- too funny.