Friday, August 25, 2006

his fingers barely graze the control panel...

One thing that excites me about the latest technology (and little does, so this is saying something) is that each advancement brings us that much closer to - Star Trek Living.
Yes, I’m going Trekker again with this post. Since I’ve already mentioned Seven of Nine in a previous entry, I thought I’d go zero for two.

That’s Lt. Commander Data in the photo. He’s sitting at his station on the bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC -1701-D.

Note the smooth, buttonless control panel he's working on. If you've ever watched the show, you've seen the ultra speed (due to his positronic brain) with which Data’s fingers literally fly over the panel's surface (he’s a droid, btw) as he works on status reports for Captain Picard.

Recent advances in the area of telecommunications will soon be introducing the buttonless cell phone to the tech-hungry public. It promises to be the next big wave of cell phone gotta-have-it. Out with the old and in with What's Next.

Alas, the newest phone techno novelty still won’t resolve the issue of cell phone rudeness. The latest and greatest will surely feature in 'New-Techno-Toy-Posturing’, to be sure (as you can see, I haven't quite calmed down from that post).
I wonder if we'll ever finally settle in contentedly with our high techno tools, and get on with the business of working out our living with one another.

Perhaps then we'll see something of a Gene Roddenberry-type world (not perfect, but tryin'...). quandary: shall I go for nifty Head Ridges or a shiny Borg Implant or ?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

don't assimilate! B, i'd go for the ridges of a klingon before i'd go borg!
i sure miss tng, and capt.'s janeway and sisko. i manage to find re-runs on occasion. in the case of tng, aren't they starting to look a bit cheesy now? especially the earlier shows? live long and prosper!


baffle said...

Agreed - TNG, like TheOriginalSeries, has been looking a bit dated, but I luv it still. Never got into DS9 or that last series (even with beagle-on-board). 'Voyager', however rules!

No worries, D - I'll 'go Borg' the day I 'go BlueTooth'.

Lauren said...

Look at this craft project I found online! It teaches you how to make a model Starship Enterprise out of an old floppy disk.

baffle said...

How'd you guess that I still have some old floppy discs around?
Haven't gotten a chance to chuck 'em out. Three of the four I have are the plastic 'gate' type. Only one is metal, and that one belongs to you (has Miro fonts on it).
I was ready to pull the thing apart to re-assemble as The Enterprise, but then I chickened. Couldn't figure out how to break it without breaking it.

So I will add that to our 'do together' craft project list. Whoopie yippee skippee fun!
Beats thumb-twiddling, at any rate!