Friday, August 18, 2006

city gal at heart, country bumpkin when it comes to parallel parking

That there's my 'ride'. I can't parallel park it (unless the space is a two or more car length space, then I can just easily s-l-i-d-e in...

Actually, I can double park, it's just that I don't.
Did it once or twice - and very well too - a long time ago in a galaxy far far away in Driver's Training (a course that was once offered 'free' in California high schools).

Now I just don't/won't/please refrain from asking me to - parallel park.
So, yes, I've limited myself to 'slot' parking. Parallel parking - particularly on hills is just too challenging a physical, mental and stressful on the self-esteem task, and something I'd just rather not have to deal with. Lucky for me, friends and relatives park my car in these situations. They are so very talented!
But that just adds another 'doh-wimp' feather in my cap, folks!

However, I recently came across a new breed of 'self-parking' car. Novel idea, though I don't believe I'll be trading in the Forester too soon (read: $$$)

* If you were disappointed in the 'long time ago' link, here's one just for you. [yes, besides being a Parking Nerd, I'm also a SW Neuuuuurrrrrd].


baffle said...

Shucks, my last link - to, is no longer available.
Kaput. Moved. Re-located. Kerplunk.
For the time it was linkable, it was a good 'un - Opening theme from the first Star Wars movie.

Oh well!

jrideshorses said...

Parallel parking. If I DO NOT think about it, I can ease in easily. If I try to think or start worrying "Am I going to bump the other car? Is my angle correct?" I invariably end up stuck, all crooked, tying up traffic. Never try to parallel park a big truck with 3 on the tree! My parallel parking tip 'o the day!

baffle said...

The only 3 on a tree I ever concern myself with is/are 3 california gray squirrels hiding in a pine.