Tuesday, August 15, 2006

in lieu of newspapers...

...I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day, bought three decorative ceramic plates (great % price!), and before I realized what was happening, the clerk 'cushion-wrapped' my purchase with these cool looking, never-before-used (totally smooth!) gift wrap papers. Whhaaaaaa? Whatever happened to yesterday's papers? (this link is actually a pretty fascinating read)

HolyMama! I gasped/sez to myself. Those papers are waaaaay too nice to crinkle up/use as throwaway paper wrap for fragile store purchases!

After getting home and carefully unwrapping the plates, I smoothed the papers out and decided to save them for re-use in some way shape or form. Hand-smoothing didn't get the wrinkles out too well, so I wetted the papers down with the shower spray in my bathroom and hung them up to dry...

Holy Over Reaction Re-use and Re-cycle!

I should make mention that for the last few months, I've been obsessively cleaning, clearing and re-organizing our humble abode. Getting rid of superfluous 'stuff' which I've been saving for....nothing, really....
So here I am, with the Merge and Purge well underway, and now doing - what again?

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