Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eat unagi

Sometime in late July/ early August (mid-summer) in Japan is official 'eat unagi' day - Doyoo Ushino Hi. Unagi is cooked eel. When eel fillet is grill or broiled with a teriyaki flavoring, it is delicious indeed. Just don't think about the eel-li-ness of it. If you don't hold to the mental slimey slithering in the water image, all will be fine. Ditto sea cucumber. You don't even want to go there (but click on the link if you dare..). Just understand that sea cucumber is so totally not a veggie.

OK, back to eels.
In Japan, it is traditionally believed that eating unagi at the height of summer's heat alleviates the effects of heat and humidity. There are several explanations for consuming eel at this hottest time of year - however, whatever the rationale, we who enjoy unagi simply don't need a special reason to partake of it.
Eat unagi. It's goooooood.

Pictured is unagi omu rice: flavored rice is wrapped with sweet egg omelette with a slice of unagi on top and toasted seaweed strips as a garnish.

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