Monday, August 14, 2006

Good snackie

I was getting pretty tired of eating even the tastiest (read: not dry and cacky) of granola bars. So the timing was perfect for my introduction to the world of Mrs. May's healthy snacks.

Had my first taste yesterday (tried both pumpkin crunch and almond crunch), and the olde taste buds were hooked. Very nutty with a natural sweetness. Terrific crunchiness factor (very important!).

Goodbye daily quick hit of nutrition found in granola bars.
Hello Mrs. May's!
This will no doubt prove to be my latest healthy-ish snack obsession...


Lauren said...

OK, how did you find the link to the "texture testing" company? The acoustic test with the microphone cracks me up! And the poor Teddy Graham getting cut in two! Congratulations to you for having a healthy snack obsession. I should look into getting one of those.... my snack obsessions always seem to be more on the junk food side of things.

baffle said...

After writing 'crunchiness factor', I figured why the heck not just use that for my search words on Google?
Scrolled and scrolled until the texture test company had just what I was looking for.

I too got a kick out of the mic and the poor Teddy Graham getting the guillotine type ax.
Don't ya just love the internet?!?