Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cheap thrills!

There is something to be said for even the cheapest of thrills.
I am enjoying a few today.

  1. My brand new Pre-Shrunk button front 501 Levi's. I've just slipped them on, am doing bends, stretches, sitting cross-legged, even dipped down into a couple of squats (aarrrgh, picture that - no, don't) to 'break 'em in'. Wow - they fit. The right length and everything. I am happy.
  2. Overnight, the weather has changed dramatically. Yesterday, it was in the 90's and today it's 20ยบ cooler - mid 70's, it's comfy and I'm lovin' it. So pleasant!
  3. No relentless sunshine beating down today. No hellish heat. The sky is clouded over, and it even rained a teeny tiny bit. I looked at the raindrops on the back deck and said aloud to me myself and nobody else: 'Wow!' It all adds up to a feeling that Fall is (almost) here. This is great.
  4. There's a pretty little bird on the feeder outside my window. It's olive-green in color with a yellowish-green underside, black and yellow-green stripes right above the tail. I'd get the bird identification book on the shelf across the room, but any large movement on my part might frighten birdy away from its perch there on the feeder.... Nice day for bird-watching.
Knowing the temps will rise again by week's end makes me appreciate today even more.
P.S. Another cheap thrill is that it's still warm enough that I'm wearing a sleeveless tee and sandals with my 501's.
Yippee Skippee. WhoooooHooooo! Huzzah!


me said...

In the 60’s, before pre-washed, preshrunk jeans, my brother had his own tricks to break ‘em in to create work Levi’s, casual Levi’s and dress Levi’s (worn with shirt, tie and sports coat). He’d drive our old WWII Jeep on the beach, dragging the jeans through sand dunes (and into the ocean!) double clutching all the way. Afterwards he'd run them up the flagpole for a few days, wind whipping the pants around the orca whale he'd carved, painted and secured atop a washed up telephone pole...always below the American flag, of course! Then he'd wash them and start all over. I guess that’s the way an American Marine, Hunter, Surfer, Wood Sculptor did it. Later his incredible marine mammal sculptures graced the homes of many dignitaries.

baffle said...

HubbyDear wore 501's when we met. His mom bought them at the PX for $5 a pair. They too were the stiffy dark blue ones (which are still sold, btw) and everyone had their special softening techniques. I believe HD's mom had to wash them in hothothot water and super bake-shrink them on the dryer's hottest setting at least 5 times go round before her son would even consider wearing them.

The way you described your brother's method made for quite a funny mental picture!
He did it so creatively (and maniacally?) that I'd wager his Levi jeans could have been world-reknown sculptures as well!

Thanks for posting your memory of Levi's!

Anonymous said...

Back in the "olden days" we bought Levis just about the right size and put them on in the back yard. then we would trade turns "hosing" each other down until they were completely soaked. We usually did this in the morning during the two or three days of summer in Seattle because then we had toimmdoz wear them all day until they dried, skin tight to get them to fit just right.

jessamynit said...

I don't like fall!!!
means winter's coming.

Lauren said...

I LOVE fall! For me it means baking, knitting, wearing scarves, amazing colored leaves in the trees.... I'm personally looking forward to my first California winter in 8 years- no snow!

baffle said...

lauren ~
if you get to missin' it this winter, you can come on up thisaway, and get a bit of snow too.
~ b

p.s. i won't make ya do any shovelin'